Dov Hadas

Featured Project


Project description:

  • Renovation,
  • 2-story addition
  • Construction of a new partial third story.

Project Objective

Create an open space living / kitchen / dining room space, a soaring ceiling with ample natural light. Create four bedrooms, each with its own bathroom and closets.
The ground floor is to be used as a den, a study, and a guest bedroom.


An existing ‘Split-Level’ home, approximately 3,500 SF total. Inadequate “antiquated’ kitchen and bathrooms, insufficient storage, and small-leaky windows, the house feels ‘cramped’. 60 years old construction telegraphs its age: sagging roof, creaky floors, noisy stairs. Aged electrical and plumbing system, air conditioning system that passed its prime.


Re-design the entire house, and add 500 sq. ft. in the rear to allow the rooms to grow. A new third floor to accommodate a master bedroom suite, complete with a walk-in closet and a spacious master bathroom. All windows replaced with new, wide and tall insulated units— allowing maximum light with minimum heat loss. Remaining floors were reinforced, new roof was filled with insulation, offering stability and comfort. All new plumbing, electricity, sprinkler system, fire alarm system, and all new heating / central air conditioning.

Exterior: All existing siding was removed, sheathing repaired, and a new stucco system installed.


The architectural style of the renovated house can be classified as contemporary / modern Architecture. Its main elements, the entry element, the shallow asymmetrical roof pitch, large windows, and white stucco exterior, define that style as a departure from the well-known Long Island vernacular. Stucco / wood or other smooth elements replacing standard siding, gable-pitched roofs, and small(er) windows.
The interior spaces of this new style are now defined by the soaring ceiling, open spaces, and spectacular daylight. Contrast that with the cramped dark interior spaces of the ‘Old’ Long Island style housing.