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At Dov Hadas Architect, we pride ourselves on being one of the best commercial architects in Long Island and nearby villages, and we have worked hard for over 25 years to gain this reputation. So if you are looking to revamp your commercial property or start from the ground up, you are in good hands with our commercial architect services. Give us a call today, and we can help bring your vision to life!

What we can do for you

Our commercial architects at Dov Hadas Architect are often tasked with designing spaces for retail stores, office buildings, and other commercial properties. Often, we are responsible for the exterior design of these spaces as well as the layout of the interior space.

We help our clients streamline the process, formalize their ideas, and ensure that they are ready when unexpected things happen. However, we also consider many factors when designing such spaces. For example, we take into account things like building codes and zoning laws so that our designs meet all requirements before construction begins.

We can also incorporate sustainable building practices into our designs to create green commercial environments. Finally, we take care to meet budgets so that clients do not need to go over their allotted funds for any particular project.

All told, our professional commercial architects will work closely with you to provide exceptional service and a final product you will be proud of. When you hire us, you can rest assured that your project will be taken care of by an experienced team of experts who know what they are doing.

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When you need commercial architecture services, finding someone with the knowledge and experience to turn your vision into reality can take time and effort. This is where we come in! Dov Hadas Architect is your source for exceptional commercial architecture services, with over 25 years of experience in both large and small projects that include office buildings, restaurants, retail stores, and much more.

Call us at (516) 678-8200 or use this form to get started on the design process!

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