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Whether you are building or renovating, there are plenty of details to attend to when designing a commercial structure. Hiring an experienced architect can help ensure everything goes smoothly. At Dov Hadas Architect, we specialize in this field, so you can trust us to help with everything from blueprints to site management. For more information about our commercial architectural design services, contact us today.

How is commercial architecture design different from residential architecture design?

Commercial design is quite different from residential design. For one, it is more about the function of a space than the style. Think of it this way: A commercial space may have to house an office and retail store under one roof. The space has to be functional for both purposes, so there needs to be enough room for open layouts that cater to both needs while also separating them enough, so they don’t interfere with each other.

Additionally, a commercial space has to meet ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements. Because of that, features like ramps and handicap-accessible restrooms need to be included in a design plan. Additionally, natural light and ventilation are much less of a concern when designing for commercial use. If you are looking for architectural services tailored specifically to your business needs, contact us today!

What We Do:

Dov Hadas Architect is a firm that specializes in commercial architectural design services. Our goal is to provide innovative, cost-effective designs that improve our client’s bottom line.

We provide our clients with a range of services, including space planning, interior design, and exterior design. With over 25 years in the industry, we have learned what it takes to create a successful business. Whether you are looking for assistance with floor plan design or commercial development, we have the expertise you need.

In addition to creating the buildings themselves, we offer project management and consulting services for real estate developers, owners, and managers of office buildings and retail spaces. 

Our Process:

We will start by listening to your needs and goals. Then, our team of architects and designers will work with you to develop a detailed design that meets both your specific needs and the needs of the space. Next, we will provide you with a complete set of construction documents that are easy to read and understand. The final step is getting everything approved by various authorities.

We know how long this can take and how stressful it can be. We aim to ensure you get what you want on time and without hassles, so we do all the legwork for you.

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At Dov Hadas Architect, we offer high-quality commercial architectural design services specifically designed to suit your needs and requirements. We specialize in commercial architectural design services for restaurants, office spaces, retail shops, or any other type of commercial building, so you can rest assured that no matter how complex your project is, our team will be able to deliver the best results with ease.

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